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A virtual secretary that really works


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Assistant is a virtual (and personal) secretary who will be responsible for meeting all your needs through voice commands, providing the user with all the information they need, at all times, whatever it is.

'I want a coffee', I say to the microphone on the device. And automatically, Assistant responds with its ability to find all cafes near my position, and can mark them on a map for me, and even guide me through voice commands directly to the doorstep.

In the same way, if I ask what this virtual assistant can do for me, it replies that it is capable of, for example, updating my Facebook status with the message that I say, tell me what is happening in the world, or just get me some information from Wikipedia.

The Assistant customization options, that are actually somewhat rare, allow you to choose between two different assistant images (although you can also see a simple microphone), and choose whether you want a neutral background or on your wallpaper.

Assistant is a useful tool for any user, that will allow you to have a source of information, a calendar, and more, always available on your mobile phone screen. Also, in case there is a lot of noise and you can not speak, you can still write whatever you want.